Minecraft News

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What’s Happening at Mojang?

First of all, Scrolls has been released and 60,000 players are already competing for the top ranking! Read all about this new trading card strategy game over at Scrolls.com.

Also, you haven’t forgotten about the pew-pew shooter Cobalt, have you? It’s still being worked on, and the v121 update and Mac OS X release is “very, very, close to be released” :D Head over to www.PlayCobalt.com for videos and downloads.

And finally, Minecraft 1.6 - the “Horse Update”, will be released next week! The update has leads, carpets, hard clay, donkeys, mules, and of course horses! This update requires a new Minecraft launcher to load. We’ll post more info about that here and on Mojang.com when it’s ready.